Friends and fellow members of the Nampa KIDS Soccer Organization,

 I write this on a “snow day” in Nampa.  My kids got to stay home from school while I had to drive 35 mph on the freeway to work.  It’s dark.  There’s ice and snow everywhere.  It’s hard to come to grips with the fact that soccer season is coming soon, but it is.  And our new Board members are excited!  It’s going to be a great season for our Recreation and Select players this Spring!

 Nampa KIDS Soccer has its roots in the concept that every child who wants to play soccer ought to be given the chance to.  And it ought to be fun!

 We’re back to those roots.  Each Board member is dedicated to both the Recreational Division and the Select Division.  We want to give every child of every age, gender and skill the opportunity to get exercise, learn a sport he or she can play for decades, develop teamwork, and have a blast doing it!   We want to provide your children the best sports value in the Treasure Valley.

 RegisterPlease help spread the word – tell your friends and familyPut it on Facebook!  Registration can be done online ( or by contacting our Registrar, Jean Barney, at 467-6353.  .  Registrations are also being conducted in-person at the Nampa Rec Center Saturday, January 26th or at the Flying M in downtown Nampa on February 9th.

 Our next Board meeting is February 4th at 7:00 at the Nampa Rec Center.  All parents and players are invited.  We truly want you there and ask us any questions you may have.  You are our best source of information and your feedback is valuable to us.  An agenda will be posted on the website in advance of the meeting.

 I will strive to respond to every inquiry you may have about the direction of the league.  I’ve been a coach in Nampa KIDS Soccer for over a decade and I sincerely think I’m working with the best group the league has ever assembled.  Your children are going to have a great time this Spring!

 Alan Malone

Interim President


Nampa KIDS Soccer


Cell:  697-2668