News For Referees



Dear Referee,

My name is Robbie Burnett and I am the State Administrator for the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee. I am emailing you because my records indicate you were a registered soccer referee in 2012 but have not recertified for 2013 yet. This email is to help guide you though that process.

If you would like to referee games again in 2013, you will need to accomplish a few things. There will be a little extra required because we are no longer doing recertification clinics. Those clinics, for those who don’t know, happen every year to give you at least annual training in updated referee stuff. We had those clinics all over the state from mid-December to mid-January. If you missed a clinic, don’t fear. Finishing the process I am emailing you will complete your annual referee requirement and you will be good to go for 2013.

If you don’t want to referee again in 2013, I’d like to get a better idea as to why. Please take a moment to visit this quick survey to let me know what we can do better. Click here: Why I’m not refereeing in 2013 Survey
As for those who do want to referee United State Soccer Federation games this year, follow the steps below. Note that you may have done some of these already. If so, just skip that step. If you don’t know if you’ve done it, you haven’t.

1. Contact me at sra@idahosoccerrefs with your name. I will get you the information for #2 at that time.

2. Go to  Your personal log and your password is will be emailed to you after you get a hold of me. Once logged in, click ‘Referee,’ click ‘Referee,’ click ‘ click here to register.’ Please take time to fill in your updated contact info, especially email and physical address. Fill out the rest of the form and process annual fee. This fee pays for insurance and training if you are wondering. 

3. Go to You will receive a separate email from this website after contacting me. That email will have your log on and password information. Please use that info to log on and pass your annual test. If you have any problems with this, email me and I’ll help you get logged on.

4. If you are 18 or older, please fill out the Background Check Form available online at This will be an annual requirement moving forward and helps keep our community safer. You can get it back to me by scanning and emailing it to or you can mail to ‘ISRC   3512 E. Judicial Dr.   Meridian, ID   83642′

5. Watch the 2013 recert clinic powerpoint. I’ve posted it to at Realize that this is just a powerpoint in movie form so you’ll have to pause the screen to read the longer slides. The video won’t be there, it will just look like a black box. Again, THERE IS NO VIDEO ON THIS PRESENTATION AT YOUTUBE, THERE WILL ONLY BE A BLACK BOX WHERE THE VIDEO WOULD HAVE BEEN. It should take several hours to get through if you pay attention. To ensure this, I need you to email me some meaningful remarks on the recertification powerpoint at Let me know what you learned, what you had questions about. Also, let me know your name and physical address you want me to send your Lawbook and Badge. 

When you are finished with all 5 (4 if you are under 18) requirements, I should have gotten an email in step 1 and an email in step 5 from you with your detailed thoughts on the powerpoint and the address you want a book and badge. I’ll put those in the mail and approve your application and you’ll be set to referee. I will not approve anyone who doesn’t complete the entire process.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please let me know. If you are not interested in refereeing, please fill out the survey listed above. It will only take a minute and will help the program retain referees in the future.

Thank you all for your efforts. See you on the pitch.

Robbie Burnett
Idaho State Referee Administrator
Idaho Soccer Referee Committee