Team & Player Praise


April 30th 2012

KOHLS Cup – Middleton

Cheers to the teams who represented Nampa Kid Soccer April 14 in the Kohl’s Cup in Middleton. The organizers were very impressed with our teams: their uniforms, their play and their sportsmanship. Two teams – the U-10 Purple Lightning and the U-8 Snow Leopards – won medals for the best sportsmanship. A double cheer to the parents and Coaches Julia Page, Zak Stroudes of the Purple Lightning and Coach Juan Morgan of the Snow Leopards for exemplifying the level of sportsmanship worthy of recognition and teaching your kids the true meaning of youth sports!

May 11th 2012

Photo courtesy of the Magic Valley Times-News Photo by: Drew Nash of the Times-News

A Message from John Jacobson of the Canyon Rim Classic:

The referee crew on at least two of your Fuego 12G games commented positively on their experience with the team, coaches and spectators at the Canyon Rim Classic. This positive attitude is greatly appreciated, since one of the most common reasons for referees to drop out is how they are treated. Please express our gratitude to the team.

Thank you,
John Jacobson
Referee Assignor
Canyon Rim Classic 2012

May 19th 2012

2012 Directors Cup

Above is a picture of the U14 Select Boys team that won the Directors Cup for their division. This team will most likely be invited to the state cup which is AMAZING for the Select side!!!