Online Registration Form

Please follow and/or print these instructions when completing your registration:

  • Please note you must log-in/register prior to enrolling your child(ren). You may login/register by clicking the following link. Login/Register
  • The ability to register multiple children at one time has been temporarily removed. You must register each child separately if you have more than one child.
  • If you feel like you’re doing a lot of typing it’s probably because you did not fill out the “Events Profile Information” section (At the bottom of your profile page) when registering. By filling out this information you reduce the amount of time of filling out your child(ren)s registration by more than half. You can return and fill out that information by clicking the following link. Return To Profile
  • When you are finished filling in all required information please use the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
  • You will be asked to “Confirm Registration”. Please review the information on the page carefully before continuing.
  • There is only one payment option available to users which is “Pay Pal” once selected you will be directed to PayPal to complete your registration.
  • The Special Request area needs to be filled out if you wish to have a specific coach or team member.

*IMPORTANT* Please fill out and SIGN the HEAD INJURY INFORMED CONSENT & GENERAL RELEASE WAIVER OF LIABILITY form and return to your child’s coach prior to your childs first practice/game. Without this form your child will be ineligible for participation in soccer this season.

Please select an option from the list of available registration options below:

Click here to register for the Spring 2014 Season

Waiver of Liability/Legal Authorization to Participate

By completing registration you personally accept all responsibility for injury and/or illness that may be incurred during the course of this activity or event. You also agree to hold the organizers of this activity and their agents blameless for any such injury and/or illness. If player has any history of respiratory illness or allergies please note this when filling out the registration information for your child.

By completing registration you agree to all conditions of the Parent/Spectator agreement which can be downloaded HERE. The information will also be emailed to you upon successfully registering your child(ren).

Refund Policy

You must submit a written request for a refund by mail or e-mail to the Treasurer of Nampa K.I.D.Soccer by Jul 31, 2013 for the Fall Season or full year registration. A refund will be issued minus a $20.00 administration fee. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR REQUESTS MADE AFTER July 31st.

Required Equipment

*Uniforms:  If you ordered one, a new uniform will be issued by the League and distributed through your coach before the first game. Please be sure to wear the full uniform for each game. (Green or Blue Jersey, plain black shorts, shin guards covered by black socks.) Replacement socks will be available on Saturdays at the Communication Booth for purchase.

Shin Guards: Soft padding (tubing all the way around legs) Or hard plastic covered with socks.

Ball: All players are required to bring a ball to practices. The recommended ball sizes are:
1. Size #3 – U-4 through U-7 ..….……………………….. (23” – 24” circumference)
2. Size #4 – U-8 through U-14.…..…….…………………. (25” – 26” circumference)
3. Size #5 – 9th grade age and up ……………………………. (27” – 28” circumference)

Shoes: Soccer shoes aren’t required for U-4 through U-6 (Kindergarten age and younger). For U-7 and older players, soccer shoes should have plastic or molded rubber studs. The studs must be no more than ¾ of an inch long and should be manufactured and sold as soccer shoes. The studs must not be sharp (e.g. baseball cleats) and shoes with a single stud at the toe (e.g. American football shoes) are illegal.

Please Note: Nothing dangerous can be worn during a game. Included but not limited to are – jewelry, earrings (including pierced), rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, hair clips and hats.