Registration FAQ

We offer recreational playing opportunities for children ages 3 to 18. We also offer Select play opportunities for players ages 10 to 14 whom meet selection criteria. For Select play, please contact our director. Recreational information is listed below:

About Nampa Kids In Developmental Soccer (K.I.D.S.):

All players and parents are expected to understand and sign the Nampa K.I.D.S Parent/Spectator Agreement and General Release before being allowed to participate with the League. Spectators attending games are also expected to abide by the Parent/Spectator Agreement. Nampa K.I.D.S. is a non-profit organization, and isn’t affiliated with the Nampa Recreation Center or Nampa Parks and Recreation but support them in their programs, and they support us. Nampa K.I.D.S. doesn’t have a physical office that is staffed 8:00 to 5:00 five days a week. The Registrar manages the soccer phone and “office” located in the Registrar’s home. All of the funding to operate the organization comes from player registrations. Revenue generated from any fundraisers, donations from businesses and other organizations are used for a scholarship fund and equipment replacement that goes beyond the annual budget for equipment. Nampa K.I.D.S. is governed by its Bylaws and a Board of officers Board meetings are generally held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Nampa Rec Center. All members of Nampa K.I.D.S. (registered players parents) are welcome to attend the Board Meetings. Most of the people organizing and running Nampa K.I.D. Soccer are volunteers. This includes the Board Members and coaches. For more information about the Nampa K.I.D.S. Organization, or to contact a Board Officer, please go to our website at:

Open Registration Dates: for Spring 2014 season, open registration dates are: October 12th and Oct 19th at CWI, with additional registration dates in early 2014 at the Flying M, and the Nampa Rec Center.

Age Divisions:
U-(under)4 = Nursery School, must turn 3 by December 31, 2013 for the spring season (Co-ed)
U-5 = Preschool, must turn 4 by August 31, 2013 for the spring season (Co-ed)
U-6 = Kindergarten, (Co-ed) must turn 5 by August 31, 2013
U-7 = 1st grade age, must turn 6 by August 31, 2013
U-8 = 2nd grade age, must turn 7 by August 31, 2013
U-10 =3rd & 4th grade age, must turn 8 by August 31, 2013 and not turn 11 before August 31, 2014
U-12 =5th & 6th Grade age (We are looking at continuing the U-12 Girls and a U-12 Boys which would include 5th to 6th grade ages, then
U-14 =7th & 8th Grade age a U-14 group for 7th and 8th grade aged players which are gender specific if the numbers allow it, followed up by
UPPER = 9th – 12th Grade age an older division for 9th through those turning 18 for those who don’t have the opportunity to play with a school.)

To determine age division, you must consider your child’s date of birth (grade for the coming school year is only used as a guideline).

Formation of Teams: Teams are formed, where possible, according to the school a child attends or by geographic area. Carpooling needs can be discussed and arranged at the first team practice/meeting. Except for Upper players, if you want to ask to be placed on a team with a certain coach or friend, you should mark the box in front of ‘Special Request Fee’, list your request and include the $10.00 fee with your registration. We will make every effort to fulfill reasonable requests on a first come, first served basis prior to the January 31st deadline, or will refund the Special Request Fee.

Practices & Season Schedule:
Spring Season – The first game will be Saturday April 5th, 2014. The last games, will May 17, 2014.
Games – All games are anticipated to be played on Saturdays at CWI between 8:00am and 6:00pm, with the exception of a possible evening game once during the week if there are an uneven number of teams in an age division or too many teams to play on Saturday. Older teams may have some games requiring travel to neighboring cities.
Practices – Coaches can start practicing 2 weeks prior to the first game of each season. Therefore, a coach should contact you just before that. The coach determines the time and place of practice. Once games begin, the U4 – U7 age divisions should practice one time per week and the U8 –UPPER age divisions can practice two times per week. Practices are generally held in the evening between 5:00 and 7:30 P.M. either at a local park or school.

Required Equipment:

*Uniforms: A uniform will be issued by the League and distributed through your coach before the first game. Please be sure to wear the full uniform for each game. (Green and Blue Jerseys, plain black shorts, shin guards covered by black socks.) Replacement socks will be available on Saturdays at the Communication Booth for purchase. If you change uniform numbers, you must notify us so we can try to avoid duplicate numbers on a team.

Shin Guards: Soft padding (tubing all the way around legs) Or hard plastic covered with socks.

Ball: All players are required to bring a ball to practices. The recommended ball sizes are:
1. Size #3 – U-4 through U-7 ..….……………………….. (23” – 24” circumference)
2. Size #4 – U-8 through U-14.…..…….…………………. (25” – 26” circumference)
3. Size #5 – 9th grade age and up ……………………………. (27” – 28” circumference)

Shoes: Soccer shoes aren’t required for U-4 through U-6 (Kindergarten age and younger). For U-7 and older players, soccer shoes should have plastic or molded rubber studs. The studs must be no more than ¾ of an inch long and should be manufactured and sold as soccer shoes. The studs must not be sharp (e.g. baseball cleats) and shoes with a single stud at the toe (e.g. American football shoes) are illegal.

Please Note: Nothing dangerous can be worn during a game. Included but not limited to are – jewelry, earrings (including pierced), rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, hair clips and hats.