Dear Parents and Supporters of Nampa KID Soccer


Soccer is a great sport for teaching discipline, teamwork, the thrill of victory and how to graciously accept defeat.  These are valuable experiences for a child’s maturation.  Every child is better for having lived these experiences.


Our organization has already been very successful in keeping costs low for our players.  It’s one of the most affordable sporting organizations in the Treasure Valley.  However, even with our low prices, we know that family economics sometimes prevent a player from participating.


Our goal is bold – to not let finances prevent a child from joining us.  But we need your help.


With this in mind, we are presenting our new Community Outreach Program.  There are different levels of donations we ask you to give to our scholarship program.  The donations levels are broken down in the Community Outreach Form.  By participating in this, you will enable a child to:


  • Play for a full year (fall + spring) of soccer
  • Have a complete uniform (2 jerseys, socks and shorts)
  • Have his or her own new soccer ball
  • Be equipped with new shin guards
  • Have a sack pack to carry his or her things in



If you participate, please make payments to Nampa KID Soccer and mail the attached form to us.  Also, there will be personnel at our Communications Booth on game days to receive the forms.


Thank you so much for helping our organization thrive.


Alan Malone

President, Nampa KID Soccer